MUTE the Musical!

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 An inspirational tale of one girl’s fight to find her voice in a world that wants to silence her! 

At a new school where her amazing voice stands as a threat to the class queen, Juliana finds herself bullied into silence. Devastated by the death of her beloved grandfather, she loses her inspiration as well as her voice. For the first time in her life, she alone must find the confidence within to come out of the shell that has become her prison -- or forever be MUTE.

Featured on Dragon’s Den in 2011, the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival, and Rogers TV (2013), MUTE has been raising voices and awareness about the effects of bullying not only on a person’s well-being and sense of self, but also their destiny.

Silence is forgotten, but courage is remembered by all.”

While it may feel like High School Musical with a social conscience, MUTE comes by its heart honestly: playwright/director Alinka Angelova, was inspired by her brother, composer Robert Chambers’ (Any Key Music System) experience as a bully - often being on the receiving end of it herself. The way in which Robert was able to use his relationship with music to help himself overcome his urges to bully, and how they found reconciliation, inspired her to partner with him to write this musical!

It is sometimes difficult to find a play to attend that is deep enough and real enough to capture the attention of today’s youth, especially our older students. MUTE is the perfect ‘in your face’ type of production that even high school students can connect with. The main storyline is simple enough that younger classes can understand it too.” Teacher, Mapleview Heights Elementary School.

Come and experience a Musical that is on it’s way to Broadway! You'll be singing and dancing in your seat. Check out our next show dates!

We need as many people as possible seeing this exciting production that raises awareness around the issues of BULLYING, SELF-ESTEEM, SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, PEER PRESSURE, and INCLUSION!

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